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  1. Integration of the eneo IN series into Milestone XProtect

    The cameras of the eneo IN series are integrated into Milestone XProtect on the basis of the ONVIF driver. 

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  2. AI-driven video security by eneo

    The AI ​​functions of the new eneo IN cameras and recorders proactively ensure security and provide valuable information about customer behavior. For example, through intelligent queue management or targeted product placement.

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  3. eneo hybrid recorders modernize existing systems cost-effectively

    Using the new eneo hybrid recorders, operators reap the benefits of network-based video surveillance and modernize existing analog video security systems quickly and cost-effectively.

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  4. Powerful and economical: eneo 4K cameras with perimeter protection

    The combined capabilities of 4K cameras and thermal imaging cameras enable effective and economical perimeter and outdoor area protection.

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