Passive Twisted Pair Transmitter or Receiver, Compos. In/Output, BNC-T.Block
Main Features
  • Transmission via CAT 5e(6) UTP cable
  • Up to 400m colour / 600m b&w (at unshielded cable)
  • Approx. 200m colour / 300m b&w (at shielded cable)
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Connectors: BNC plug / 2 pin terminal block
More Information
Brand eneo
Model mini module
Operation mode 2 passive
Type of unit transmitter / receiver
Range 400 m
Signal transmission video
Protection rating n/a
Manufacturer order number 75802

Further product information

Preferably unshielded twisted-pair cables should be used for the signal transmission. Are there already existing shielded cables which have to be used, the shield must only be earthed on one end, e. g. on transmitter side. We recommend cables in a twisted 2- pair wire bundle configuration (n2x2x0.8mm). The best result will be achieved by using cables with a twist of up to 7-times per meter. Shielded cables, cables with different wire diam., or a connection via patch fields, can considerably reduce the max. possible transmission length.
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  • Manufacturer data sheet PDF 75802_en_sup.pdf Original product information from the manufacturer 160.8 kB
  • Data sheet PDF 75802_vzt-21b-tb.pdf Data sheet with specifications generated live from the product database <350KB
  • Specifications text DOC 75802_vzt-21b-tb.doc Technical data as Word document, generated live from the product database <50KB
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