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Product purchasing advice

You can contact eneo for support either by calling +49 (0) 6074 888-11 (free of charge) or sending an email to You can also contact the technical advising team at VIDEOR ( for advice or you can use the product filter on the VIDEOR website.

Provision of samples

Yes, subject to the respective product sample’s availability

Aftersales Support

We kindly ask you to contact us through the following channels to help us process and solve your technical enquiry as quickly as possible: 

• For support from eneo directly, please call +49 (0) 6074 888-400 (free of charge) or send an email to
• Use the Quicksupport tool
• For support from the technical advising team at VIDEOR, please call +49 (0) 6074-888-111 or send an email to

Dead on Arrival (DOA) regulations

If you find a device is defective shortly after having received it, it is deemed to be a dead-on-arrival (DOA) product. In this case the manufacturer will replace the defective device with a device in mint condition immediately if available. A defective device will be recognised as a dead-on-arrival product if we are notified about the defect in writing within 30 days of delivery. Please request a Call number from the eneo support team by describing the defect and referring to the specific delivery.
Phone: + 49 (0) 6074-888-400

Warranty period

We give a three-year warranty on our products provided they are used as intended. Parts subject to use-related and other natural wear and tear are excluded from the warranty. Examples of these exceptions are: a) Monitor panels including backlighting (warranty: 12 months) b) Motors, slip rings, gears, potentiometers of pan/tilt heads (warranty: 12 months) c) Motors, gears, potentiometers of motorised zoom lenses. This also applies to the corresponding parts in module cameras and domes (warranty: 12 months) d) Hard disks (warranty: 12 months) The warranty can be extended upon request. Please discuss your requirements with us

Replacement during the warranty period

In the event a technical error occurs while the product is still under warranty, eneo will usually provide you with a replacement device to save you efforts and reduce waiting times.
Please request a Call number from the eneo support team by referring to the specific delivery.
Phone: +49 (0) 6074-888-400
Please note: Recorders with individual upgrades (such as installed hard disks) are excluded. Products returned to VIDEOR without a return authorisation cannot be processed and will be sent back to the sender at his or her expense. If a returned product is found to be intact, we will charge the sender a handling fee of €80 for inspecting the product as per our return policy

Advanced exchange service

Upon request

Exchange service


Repair after expiry of warranty period

SECURMATIC Repair Center GmbH
Halskestraße 36
40880 Ratingen
Phone +49 (0) 2102 / 71439-0
Fax +49 (0) 2102 / 71439-21

Please note: You do not need to request a Call number from VIDEOR. For information on repair costs and times and on the availability of spare parts, please contact SECURMATIC directly. They will also provide you with an order number. Please have the device’s serial number ready.


Yes, please send your enquiry to

Other services

Upon request, subject to a fee