eneo Safe & Easy is the app-based video security solution for small shops, boutiques, workshops and consulting rooms. Installed with just a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet, the small business solution from eneo offers high resolution video security "to go" for shopkeepers, traders and small businesses.

eneo Safe and Easy at a glance:

  • Convincing price-performance
  • User-friendly and mobile solution
  • Integrated GDPR functions and scalable

With eneo Safe & Easy you can show burglars, shoplifters and vandals the red card. The user-friendly small business solution for shops, offices and small commercial properties brings video streams and recordings directly to your smartphone or tablet: video security “to go”, impressively simple, impressively affordable. And unbeatably cheap in the price advantage package for standard applications.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • mobile and user-friendly
  • scalable
  • Integrated GDPR functions and scalable
  • price advantage packages for standard solutions

eneo safe & easy Videoplaylist

Price advantage packages for plug and play solutions

eneo Safe & Easy combines reliability, flexibility and user-friendliness with an optimal price performance. The compact eneo Safe & Easy IP cameras are recommended for their image quality, their functions and their design for use in small business premises – optimally supplemented by four- or eight-channel network recorders with 2TB and 4TB internal memory, which save the video data on each channel at full refresh rate with a resolution of 4 megapixels.

This ensures that you can always closely monitor the situation in your sales area using high-resolution and detailed video images. Anytime, anywhere, with the free eneo Center app, which can be installed on your smartphone or tablet with just a few clicks. Just like that video security becomes child's play. And is very affordable. Because for eneo Safe & Easy you do not need a PC, nor do you need to purchase a professional video monitor or video management software.

The four different eneo Safe & Easy sets for standard applications, which include all the components required for a complete solution, offer an additional price advantage. Under a single order number and with a price advantage of 5% when compared with making separate orders.

Mobile remote access, 24/7

eneo Safe & Easy combines reliability, flexibility and user-friendliness with optimal price-performance. The compact eneo IP cameras included in the solution package are recommended for use in small commercial objects such as shops, office or practice rooms. They are ONVIF compliant (Profile S) and available as bullet cameras and dome cameras.

The housings are dimensioned for space-saving installation but are striking enough to deter burglars and shoplifters. eneo Safe & Easy IP cameras deliver detailed, conclusive live images and recordings with a resolution of 4 megapixels,

Video analysis functions such as area monitoring and motion detection automatically trigger an alarm in the event of an incident. The alarm is sent directly to the user's smartphone or tablet. The alarm function can be activated for a certain period of time, so that shop operators stay informed when the shop is closed. They can use the app to check the situation and, if necessary, inform the police.

Video security for small businesses: affordable and scalable

The fact that video surveillance as part of a comprehensive security concept effectively discourages potential burglars and intimidates shoplifters, is something that police experts point out time and again. It’s also a fact that high-quality video images enable evidence to be secured and the perpetrator to be found if the concept of deterrence does not work. However, many small businesses take no or inadequate security measures, mostly for cost reasons.

eneo Safe & Easy offers affordable burglary protection for small and very small companies - not least because the video security solution does not require a PC or professional video monitor.
Video is recorded on a four- or eight-channel network recorder, which saves the video data at full refresh rate with a resolution of 4 megapixels per channel. The storage capacity of the internal hard disk of the 4-channel network recorder is 2TB, the 8-channel network recorder comes with an internal memory of 4TB. The solution is scalable and can be expanded with additional video cameras if need be. The recording solution required for this, as well as IP switches, network cables and other network accessories, are also available at VIDEOR.

Integrated GDPR functions

eneo Safe & Easy network recorders have GDPR functions that support users in complying with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).

These functions include an automatic password cycle and freely definable storage times for each channel. As soon as the purpose of the video data storage is fulfilled, after a time interval specified by the user, the video data is automatically deleted. The password cycle, which proactively reminds users to update their sensitive access data, provides additional security - a routine that makes daily business a little easier.

Low total cost of ownership

eneo Safe & Easy is the reliable and flexible video security solution for small companies.The user-friendly design of the app, which combines functionality with an intuitive navigation, allows for easy entry and a convenient user experience. The high-resolution cameras and high-performance network recorders ensure comprehensive warehouse detection and GDPR-compliant data storage.
The bottom line: The solution significantly reduces the risk of burglary and provides shop owners with a full overview of their sales and business premises anytime, anywhere - at a very low total cost of ownership.