Using the new eneo hybrid recorders, operators reap the benefits of network-based video surveillance and modernize existing analog video security systems quickly and cost-effectively.

All benefits at a glance:

  • IP, AHD, HD-TVI and Composite (FBAS)
  •  8 megapixel maximum video resolution in IP and mixed operation
  • 4, 8 and 16 channels
  • Pentaplex function for simultaneous live display, recording, playback and backup
  • License-free control software

The hybrid recorders of the eneo MHR series enable the smooth integration of IP cameras into existing analog systems, providing powerful hybrid solutions. With a maximum video resolution of 8 megapixels, the new 4-, 8- and 16-channel hybrid recorders enable top quality video recording, in both, pure IP systems as well as in mixed systems. Since every eneo MHR recorder supports the signal formats IP, AHD, HD-TVI and Composite, users have several options for individual solutions.

Convenient operation

User-friendliness is a top priority with the new eneo MHR hybrid recorders. As a a consequence, the devices are ready for operation in just a few steps. The signal and resolution of the connected cameras are automatically identified. Video recordings can be made permanently or according to a schedule, but can also be triggered in the event of activity in the surveillance area (motion detection, contact) and via PoS text. The Pentaplex function allows for simultaneous live display, recording, playback and backup. Access is possible via the local user interface, web interface and the license-free software eneo Control and the app eneo Control mobile. In addition, the eneo MHR hybrid recorders optimally support users with various playback modes and extensive search functions for live viewing and targeted viewing of recordings. Video recordings can be searched by event type, date and time or text characteristics. The 8 and 16-channel hybrid recorders MHR-28N08005A and MHR-28N16005A display video views in full-screen, 4-channel, 9-channel, 16-channel or 32-channel split screen mode. The hybrid recorder MHR-18N04005A (4 channels) supports full screen, 4- and 8-channel split and sequence mode. Zoom functions are supported in live as well as in full-screen playback mode. The maximum recording rate of the 8- and 16-channel recorders is 480 fps (16 x 30 fps), the four-channel recorder reaches 240 fps (8 x 30 fps), so that all connected cameras can be recorded in real time. Watermarks ensure the authenticity of the recorded images.

License-free control software

  1. eneo Control eneo Control
    eneo Control
    Control Software for Hybrid HD Video Recorder MHR-Series
  1. eneo Control mobile eneo Control mobile
    eneo Control mobile
    Mobile App for Hybrid HD Video Recorder MHR-Series

The license-free control software eneo Control and the app eneo Control mobile allow for convenient management of the eneo hybrid recorders. The user-friendly layout of the intuitive user interface can be customized. The respective video views can be organized by using the drag-and-drop method. PTZ functions can also be controlled using the mouse. A two-step authentication process prevents unauthorized access.