Product Modification

VIDEOR Produktanpassungen

If a standard product does not fully meet a customer’s specifications, the product will need to be modified.

VIDEOR stands for expertise and a solution-oriented approach. Our Customizing team will be happy to pre-assemble products from the entire VIDEOR product range for you.
As part of the service, we compile and select suitable components and also procure specially engineered parts. In addition to the standardised solutions you can simply order via our online store, for example the connection systems offered by Solvido, VIDEOR’s own house brand, we can also provide you with brand-independent custom solutions as well as project-specific system solutions. Our services range from mechanical modifications to painting and customised labelling. VIDEOR’s Customizing experts will go the extra mile to make your project a success. And they will tailor a product that does not meet your specifications when coming straight from the factory to your individual needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product modification services include:

  • Feasibility checks
  • Solution proposal
  • Procurement of components
  • Performance tests
  • Documentation
  • Painting
  • Labelling

We modify and complement standard products according to your specifications, whether they need to be painted or adapted in terms of their interfaces. We help you find the best solution to your problem, looking for suitable components or even procuring them if necessary.

Do you have any questions on product modifications? Contact the VIDEOR Solutions team!


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