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“We continue to have a positive view of the market situation!″

The most important security trade show in Germany, Security 2008, will take place from October 7 - 10 in Essen. Videor will have a large booth at the show again this year- three questions in this regard to Michael Haas, one of the three managing directors of Videor:

How is Videor going to present itself at the Security ’08?
Michael Haas: “Videor is positioning itself at the Security trade show as the leading European multi-brand distributor. This is why we focus on presenting the manufacturers we represent, among them well-known brands such as Axis, Bosch, Fujitsu or JVC. At the same time, we are continuously expanding our portfolio with other well-known brands and newer brands, examples of these would be Netavis, Basler and FLIR with their innovative solutions. Our private brand eneo, will have a separate booth at the trade show. Another focus will be communication with our large customer base. This is particularly reflected by the booth design, and, of course, the always very well attended booth party.”

How important is this trade show for your company?
Michael Haas: “Since Videor is one of the most important players in the industry, its participation in the trade show is almost compulsory, even though international trade shows are sometimes better equipped and organized, particularly in terms of visitor experience, air-conditioned halls, or service. But Security has been a fixture in our show calendar for years, particularly to reach the installers and system integrators from German-speaking countries. At the same time, the convergence with IP and our respective partners has brought us more customers from the IT area. Also, smaller, regional trade shows are becoming increasingly more interesting in terms of obtaining direct customer feed-back. Typically, Videor exhibits at those shows together with a supplier or customer.″

What are your thoughts on the current market situation?
Michael Haas: “We continue to have a positive view of the market situation, because security is an ongoing topic, and the political environment is favorable. At the same time, however, the overall economic situation could have a slowing effect, if investment priorities were to shift. This, however, creates new market opportunities for products with streamlining capabilities, for example software solutions used for video analysis. Overall, we believe that the value proposition and good service continue to be appreciated in the professional sector, in spite of growing price pressures.″

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